I am Teresa Thompson. Here is a little about me and how I got into the lice business.

NEVER did getting lice even cross my mind. Then one night while I was giving my daughters, Madeline and Jacqueline, a bath, I found a bug in Jacqueline’s hair. At first I did not think much of it as Jacqueline was rolling around in the grass from a soccer game we just came from. I then called my husband in and he started to look more and found another bug! At this point we still were not sure if this was lice and we did not dare say that word out loud as we knew our kids would freak out. Also, they were too clean to have contracted lice, right? After a quick Google search, my husband and I both came to the conclusion that Jacqueline had lice. We then quickly checked Madeline’s hair. Low and behold she had the same bugs in her hair!

My husband, Mike, immediately went to Walgreen’s and bought four lice kits. We opened the packages and read the instructions. After putting gloves on and making sure not to leave the medicine or should I say “pesticide” on too long, we proceeded to treat our daughters.

Lucky for us, our newborn did not have any hair. That would not have mattered anyway, as the pesticide cannot be applied to children under two.

After combing Jacqueline’s hair out for six hours, removing countless nits, I started on Madeline’s hair around 3:30AM. Mike had stripped down the beds and removed all the stuffed animals from the rooms. Up until this day I have never even seen him do laundry but he was working that wash machine over! Being exhausted, I finally decided to get some sleep and reconvene in the morning picking knits out of Madeline’s hair. Once I was finished with Madeline’s hair I told Mike “it was my turn to have my hair combed out”. Mike’s exact words were, “there is no way I am going to go through that mop for a head of hair of yours”. As you can see in the picture I have a very full head of hair.

Mike had been on the internet and found a lice clinic that was about 45 minutes away. Mike called and got an appointment in two hours. This clinic used the AirAllé device. I wish I knew that a chemical-free treatment was available! My family eats all organic food, which is pesticide free, and I in turn just dumped pesticide on their scalps.

During the treatments many more nits were found. I was inspected and had lice as well, as do 80% of all moms have when their kids contract lice. Mike asked a ton of questions about the actual business as the treatments were taking place. On the way home, Mike mentioned this would be a good business to start when I was ready to go back to work. Over the next couple of weeks both Mike and I discussed this opportunity and decided to pursue opening a clinic.

We contacted Lice Clinics of America who is a science-based lice removal company. We are now the exclusive local provider for Lice Clinics of America (formerly Larada Sciences) in St.Charles & St.Louis Counties.  Lice Clinics of America is a world leader in lice-treatment services and the world’s largest network of lice-removal professionals, and we are your local clinic. Our flagship product is the FDA-cleared AirAllé device. What this means is you can use your medical flex account to pay for chemical free lice removal treatments. So this is the story of how we got into the lice business and I’m excited to offer this solution to you!