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Head Lice Removal in Chesterfield, MO

If you live in the Chesterfield, MO area and you or your child suffer from a lice infestation, count on Lice Clinics of America for non-chemical head lice treatment that is safe, simple, and convenient.  We understand the itching, pain, and embarrassment associated with these infestations; our safe head lice solutions will eliminate the problem, and have you back to your regular routine in no time.

There are a variety of products available on the market designed to eliminate head lice, however many require repeated applications and contain pesticides or other potentially dangerous chemicals.  Even then, you can’t be certain of the results.  We offer a one treatment lice solution that involves the use of the AirAllé system, a system that works using controlled, heated air directed at all areas of the scalp to kill those itchy, pesky little bugs and their nits.  How long does it take?  One sitting in our clinic is all that’s required to get rid of lice for good.

Parents often get concerned when a child comes home saying someone got sent home because of head lice, and for good reason.  Lice easily spread from one person to another, whether through the sharing of a brush, comb, or other accessory, wearing someone else’s hat or cap, even through the taking of “selfies” or photos using smartphones or other devices.  When children and teens take these “selfies,” heads are touching in many cases.  If one person has an infestation, chances are others in the photo will soon have problems.  Our one and done head lice treatment process is completely safe, takes very little time, and most important, is super effective.  No more itching and suffering!

Our treatments are designed for Chesterfield clients who prefer to come into the clinic for safe head lice removal, or who would rather do it themselves at home.  All of our solutions are extremely safe and free of pesticides, however if you choose to do it yourself be advised it may take longer, simply due to unfamiliarity with the process. Follow up procedures will also be necessary to ensure complete removal.  Our AirAllé treatment is guaranteed, and requires no follow up.

Don’t use harsh chemicals or those that may be unsafe for your child and require repeated applications.  For immediate results and eradication of lice and their nits, count on Lice Clinics of America.  Contact us now at 636-544-9452 and enjoy peace of mind with our lice removal options.