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Lice Treatment Serving St. Louis & Surrounding Areas

At Lice Clinics of America, we provide St. Louis, MO clients with safe head lice solutions that are very different from products you can purchase at many retail stores.  Our non-chemical head lice removal options give parents peace of mind knowing that you can get rid of those pesky buggers and their eggs in a way that’s effective, simple, and guaranteed.

If you have been through the hassle before, you know most products contain harsh chemicals or pesticides, are messy, require repeated applications, and in general are a real hassle.  Our lice removal services include a process using the AirAllé system in which directed, heated air is used to treat all areas of the scalp.  This system works by effectively drying out lice and their nits, killing them dead on the spot.  Those looking for a one and done head lice treatment will appreciate the convenience, ease, and effectiveness of this process.  How long does it take?  A single sitting in our clinic will get the job done, so you and your child can go on about your day.

When one child at school or daycare has lice, it’s simply a matter of time before many have the infestation.  Sharing hair brushes, combs, or other accessories, or even touching heads is all it takes.  With pre-teens and teens, a common way head lice is spread is through the taking of “selfies,” photos taken using cell phones where there may be two, three, or even more in the picture.  How does everyone fit in the photo?  By getting close together and touching heads – thus, if one has head lice it’s fairly certain the others in the “selfie” will soon be infected.  Regardless of how they spread, you want them gone!  The itching of the scalp, neck, and ears can be relentless, not to mention the embarrassment many children (and adults) face.

Our one treatment lice solution is completely safe and extremely effective, and requires very little of your time.  We also offer topical treatment products for those who prefer a head lice treatment you can use at home, however it generally takes longer for parents who are unfamiliar with the process and follow-up procedures.  While all of our treatments are proven to work and safe, our in-clinic AirAllé system is the quickest, most effective of all.

As a parent, you may have wondered how to get rid of lice for good, without the hassle of using potentially dangerous chemicals.  We invite those who live in the St. Louis area to come by and learn more about our exceptional services, or contact us today at 636-544-9452 for safe head lice removal you can feel confident in.