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Lice Treatment Serving O’Fallon and Surrounding Areas

Lice Clinics of America caters to O’Fallon, Missouri clients looking for a one and done head lice removal process that eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, pesticides, and shampoos that often do not work. Our lice treatment is an innovative process using the AirAllé system, which directs heated air to all areas of the scalp to completely eliminate the infestation. We know that children most often contract these pesky, itching “bugs” and their nits, however adult parents of children often are affected as well, as they spread easily.

Head lice removal can be a real hassle, but it no longer has to be the issue it was years ago.  Children and teens are together in so many situations – at school, daycare, sports or cheerleading practice, dance class, etc.  This contributes to the spread of an infestation, which can occur when hair accessories, combs, or brushes are shared, or even when one person uses another’s coat, hat, or neck scarf.  This is a highly “contagious” issue, however our non-chemical lice solutions are designed to put an end to the problem fast so your child and your family can enjoy peace of mind and get on with your schedule.

We provide only safe head lice solutions, those that are effective and help you avoid the work and mess involved with other treatments. Trying to eliminate the problem can be a real hassle, not to mention time consuming if repeated treatments are necessary. Today, the problem has become more pronounced than ever, some of this due to the fact that so many kids today take “selfies,” or photos in which everyone’s heads are touching. This is all it takes to spread head lice! Anyone who has been through this with their children know the itching of scalp, ears, and neck is not only frustrating, it is embarrassing as well.

You may have tried head lice shampoo or other lice solutions that claim to be effective, without the expected results. Our non-chemical head lice treatment is effective after just one sitting, so you can get on with life and stop worrying. Our one-treatment lice solution involves no water, shampoo, or other chemicals and is performed in the privacy of our clinic. We will screen your children (or yourself), diagnose whether there is an infestation of head lice, and provide you with the safest, most effective treatment options available today. Remove head lice the easy way! Call us today at 636-544-9452 for professional, safe results.