technician letting little girl feel head from device on head

St. Charles Lice Treatment Services

If you live in the St. Charles, Missouri area and your child or members of your family have lice, you may be in search of a non-chemical head lice treatment to eliminate those pesky buggers once and for all. At Lice Clinics of America, we remove head lice using only safe methods, including the AirAllé system which is a quick process that eliminates the problem in one sitting. This is an issue that until recently has not had a truly effective solution for the maddening itch, embarrassment, and spreading of infestation from one child to the next.

The AirAllé system involves directing heated air on every area of the scalp, thereby killing lice and their nits. This is a one and done head lice removal system that involves no messy shampoos or potentially dangerous chemicals. All children at one time or another go through the itching, embarrassment, and misery of this issue, which has only become worse in a technologically advanced world where taking “selfies” seems to be part of everyday activities. In taking these pictures, kids’ and teens’ heads are often touching, which spreads the infestation. Our head lice treatment is painless and even more important, effective.

Safe head lice removal is important to parents, who today are steering clear of pesticides and other dangerous chemicals as much as possible. Head lice shampoo and other products simply aren’t always effective, and even repeated uses doesn’t guarantee the problem will be cured. Why deal with the mess, when a one-treatment lice solution is all it takes? Learn more about our treatments and safe head lice solutions for every budget today by calling 636-544-9452.